KRN Residential Design Ltd. has been involved with the planning and design for over 1000 additions in the Regina and Surrounding areas. No matter how Small or Large, Simple or Complex your imagination is; we'll work together, utilizing today's industries most economical and/or sustainable solutions to develop those ideas into professional construction design drawings.

Call us for an appointment! We'd be excited to schedule a meet to learn more about your project. During this meeting we can discuss the pro's & con's about your planning, provide you with some additional insightful design options, identify challenges & work out solutions, and even help you to understand today's construction costs so that we can prepare you with initial budget expectations.  If you're interested, we can even start with taking measurements of your home and prepare conceptual planning of your ideas, so that we can get the planning process started immediately.

The professionally developed construction drawings that we prepare would include all architectural, structural and building code related specifications, so that you can apply for and obtain a building permit for your project. All the structural & foundation components of our projects are professionally designed, reviewed and certified in our office, so there are no additional steps with having to hire a separate engineer.

We're here to help streamline the process, and make the design and building permit process... something to enjoy!

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