Mission & Vision

The Creative Vision

We believe creative design can be a source of pride for everyone, whether private or publicly owned. Well conceived design contributes to the over-all standard of living in our community. We also believe that successfully designed housing incorporates a multi-disciplinary approach which allows people, nature, and sustainability to have the greatest influence on determining resulting form and function. Finally, we believe that residential design is a form of art. The simplicity and honesty of modern design combined with local traditions and history leads to works that inspire pride now and build the historical legacy of tomorrow.


The Business Mission

By creating an atmosphere where clients feel comfortable receiving our expertise to realize their vision,  KRN Residential Design will provide powerful and clear design solutions unique to each project and aimed at the goal of creating a home that fits the lifestyle of each and every family.


Why KRN Residential Design?

Here is some more information that can help clients decide if KRN Residential Design is right for them. The business minded person might call the following, competitive differentiators:

  • People First: The creative team at KRN Residential Design listens. The designer's view is not imposed on the client. The client feels at ease explaining their wishes.
  • Experience: We provide experience that spans a wide range or project types, from residential, to historical restoration projects to large scale community based projects to commercial and industrial. This provides clients with a wide range of ideas and access to different construction techniques and systems.
  • Style: Although we can help design for any vision, our clients benefit from our unique modern-sensibility designs.
  • Team Players: We have an extremely diverse creative team in our office, plus an outside consultant group which allows us to create a collaborative multi-disciplinary effort to your project.
  • Unique: We believe that each project deserves a unique solution for the requirements set out. This is aligned with our mission and vision of benefiting all involved.
  • Innovative: We always research new ideas, new solutions, new materials and new methods of construction.
  • Inspiring Confidence: We provide all our clients with effective pricing and exceptional quality in order to create high value and by extension build long term trust with our clients.